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look i made a thing.


Some process images. The first one is from my valentines day doodles. I knew from the moment I first drew her that I wanted to finish her. I’m gonna finish a couple others from those doodles too. Anyways her face took a bajillion redraws to look decent ahh. And that skeleton was hard to draw too, I’m kinda proud of it though considering it’s the first time I tried drawing a skeleton in back view or xray view! 



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ちびうさ by トモミ on pixiv


Vincent Van Gogh, Cypresses (details)


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Got kinda lazy on this towards the end Anyways this is Glitteryblood.Her name is now Gemma! I wanted to name her something from Glitteryblood but no amount of letter rearranging produced something decent sounding. But I still wanted her name to start with G so I thought…gems reflect light to look as though they’re glittering! So Gem-ma it is  All of her guts and blood are glittery and she’s a very clumsy girl as you can tell by this drawing hehe.